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The chital or cheetal (Axis axis), also known as chital deer, spotted deer or axis deer is a deer which commonly inhabits wooded regions of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and in small numbers in Pakistan. The Chital goes by various names in India, among which include: Chital horin in Bengali, Thith Muwa in Sinhalese, Jinke in Kannada, Pulli Maan in Tamil and Malayalam, Duppi in Telugu, Phutuki Horin in Assamese, Haran/Harin in Marathi, and Hiran in Hindi/Urdu (the latter two derived from Harini, the Sanskrit cognate for 'deer'). It is the most common deer species in Indian forests. The name Chital comes from the Bengali word Chitral/Chitra, which means "spotted". The chital is monotypic within the genus Axis, but this genus has also included three species that now are placed in Hyelaphus based on genetic evidence. The chital's coat is pinkish fawn, marked with white spots, and its underparts are also white. Its antlers, which it sheds annually, are usually three-pronged and curve in a lyre shape and may extend to 75 cm (2.5 ft). Compared to the hog deer, its close relative, the chital has a more cursorial build. It also has a more advanced morphology with antler pedicles being proportionally short and its auditory bullae being smaller. It also has large nasals. It stands about 90 cm (3 ft) tall at the shoulder and masses about 85 kg (187 lb), although males tend to be larger than females. Its lifespan is around 8–14 years.Chital have well-developed preorbital glands which have hairs that are like stiff little branches. They also have well-developed metatarsal glands and pedal glands on their hind legs. Males have larger preorbital glands than females and are opened very often in response to certain stimuli.


LogoNameRegionPrimary GameOther Game Types
Click to ViewHawaiiAxis DeerHawaiian Ibex Goats, Wild Hog, Mouflon Sheep, Arapawa Ram, Grouse, Dove, Turkey view profile
Axis DeerElk, Blacktail Deer view profile
ArgentinaAxis DeerMountain Lion, Red Stag view profile
VictoriaAxis DeerTahr, Sable, Wildebeest, Sable view profile
New South WalesAxis DeerWildebeest view profile
Northern TerritoryAxis DeerFallow Deer, Red Stag, Wildebeest, Wild Hog view profile
SpainAxis DeerWild Hog, Dall Sheep view profile
HawaiiAxis DeerWild Hog, Pheasant view profile
HawaiiAxis DeerWild Hog, Pheasant view profile
HawaiiAxis DeerWild Hog, Mouflon Sheep view profile
MinnesotaAxis DeerBlack Bear, Brown Bear view profile
FloridaAxis DeerWild Hog, Alligator, Red Deer view profile
TennesseeAxis DeerAntelope, Barbary sheep, Fallow Deer, Mouflon Sheep, Quail, Sika Deer, Whitetail Deer, Bison, Turkey, Elk view profile
LouisianaAxis DeerFallow Deer, Mallard Duck, Quail view profile
TexasAxis DeerWhitetail Deer, Wild Hog, Javelina , Turkey, Varmint , Mountain Lion, Dove, Coyote view profile
TexasWhitetail DeerAxis Deer, Fallow Deer, Kudu, Mouflon Sheep, Red Stag, Sable, Whitetail Deer, Waterbuck, Zebra view profile
TexasWhitetail DeerAxis Deer, Turkey, Dove view profile
FloridaWhitetail DeerAxis Deer, Elk, Wild Hog, Turkey view profile
TexasWhitetail DeerJavelina, Axis Deer, Wild Hog, Mountain Lion view profile
TexasWhitetail DeerAntelope, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Mouflon Sheep, Turkey, Dove, Barbary sheep, Wild Hog, Varmint , Grey Fox view profile
OklahomaWhitetail DeerPrarie Dog, Wild Hog, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer view profile
SpainIbex GoatsWild Hog, Dall Sheep, Axis Deer view profile
FloridaWhitetail DeerWild Hog, Bison, Axis Deer, Alligator view profile
Click to ViewTexasElkRed Stag, Whitetail Deer, Oryx, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Gemsbok, Blesbuck, Impala, Bison, Zebra view profile
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